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Soul Purpose

Connecting a global community of individuals who are enthusiastically accomplishing life goals, sharing bucket list dreams, completing random acts of kindness and giving gratitude for creating thoughts that become joyfully experienced now, through focused four minute meditations.

To support people waking up, remembering who they are and what their soul purpose is.

Connection: To be an awakened global community who respect, love and celebrate our soul’s fulfillment and personal satisfaction, now.

Curiosity: To be interested, intrigued, and inquisitive with each other’s soul journey while listening with empathy, compassion and acceptance.

Gratitude: To practice loving and blessing every moment in life with child-like wonder, laughter and soul curiosity.

Purpose: To be of service accomplishing goals and soul experiences at an action-focused pace, joyfully together.

About the Founder

Jesse James Ferrell: Since 2006, Jesse has found himself sitting in transformational workshops craving like-minded connection. As a divorced father on a spiritual path, facing his own sexuality, he felt detached from community.

While he explored his personal development and uncovered new goals, he recognized the opportunity for a global spiritual conversation with other men wanting to be the best version of themselves.

Jesse’s transformation of his mind, body and life began by emptying out the clutter and limiting thoughts from his past and adopting I AM declarations to create a life he loves.

This was the inception of Focus Four Me as we know it today. Jesse and Focus Four Me reside in Phoenix, Arizona.